FARMERS - Indestructible ____________________________________________ One of the most fun jobs. We shot this spot in 2 days in downtown LA. Reel FX build a major re - enforced crash car and filled it literally with concrete, so it would be heavy and indestructible :-). Then we smashed picture cars into that monster. What a fun day! The same for the big cement barrel flying over the Cadillac. It was a really well planned special FX gag from Reel FX, where the cement truck would hit a huge concrete barrier with 40mph, while simultaneous exactly at the right moment an explosive charge beneath the barrel was ignited and send the barrel up in the air flying over the car. Before the shot I asked Jim from Reel FX where he would estimate the barrel to land, so we can place our crash cameras accordingly. He stepped out into the street and pointed onto some spot on the ground and said: "I think somewhere around here." Sure enough the barrel landed right on that spot.

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